Blood pressure refers to the measured pressure in the circulatory system. The latter consists of arterial blood “pumped” by the heart delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the organs and tissues, and venous blood which returns “used” blood back to the lungs to release carbon dioxide and receive oxygen. The kidneys filter materials and salts, mainly sodium. This heart-lung­kidney mechanism must be kept in good working order to maintain health. Diet and exercise are of utmost importance in the prevention of heart, lung and kidney disease. It does not take our modern medicine to tell us this. Hahnemann, the founder of modern homeopathic medicine, wrote at length on the absolute importance of diet in the prevention of chronic disease. His instructions were enlightened – albeit severe – no spices, salt, tea, coffee etc and he advocated pure food grown as close to nature as possible. He laboured the importance of exercise, moderate where necessary. But most of all his emphasis was on the removal of stressful factors and resting when necessary. We have added nothing to his dire