Online Treatment

Online Homeopathy treatment for Patients

Aarogya Clinic is providing the, most professional form of Homeopathic treatment to patients from nearly all states of India.

What is online homeopathic treatment ?

Online Homeopathy treatment means that the patient is delivered treatment right at his door step , anywhere in the world. The payment for the treatment is is made on the web site by using net-banking payment method.

How can the homeopathy treatment be done even without seeing the patient?

Modern day facilities like email ,sending pictures and audio & video chat are a great help in completely overcoming this hurdle.

The procedure to start the treatment is very simple.

Step 1 , Make a Skype Call or Direct Call to Aarogya Clinic (+91 416-2225444, +91 416 2222444) and discuss your case briefly with Dr. Sudhakar.

Step 2 , Make the payment with your debit / credit card through net-banking . The other option is to deposit the money directly In our bank account. (Credentials Bank – Indian Overseas Bank , Branch – Allapuram ,A/c Name – VR. Sudhakar , A/c No – 063401000020449). After your payment is received , an online case form (ms word format) will be emailed to you or you will receive a call from Aarogya clinic.

Step 3,Email back the filled -up case form within the next 2-3 days. If more information is required, you will receive a call from Aarogya clinic discussing the issue.

Step 4,The prescription is emailed to you within 2 working days.